13 Places You Must See in Mugla

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Mugla, which has unique islands and landscapes, is between the Aegean and Mediterranean regions in terms of its geographical location. Mugla is among the cities of our country with a rich historical past. The city is the twenty-fourth most populous city in Turkey. Mugla, which has gained popularity with holiday destinations such as Ortaca, Dalaman, Koycegiz, Fethiye, Marmaris, Milas, Datça and Bodrum, is also a famous settlement. So, where to visit in Mugla, which is one of the most preferred locations in the summer months?

1. Knidos Ancient City

Knidos Ancient City has hosted many different civilizations throughout history. Due to its valuable location, it has been subjected to numerous invasions. Known to have been founded by the Carians, this city was plundered by the Dorians and Persians and then restored. The city is one of the first places that come to mind when it comes to touristic places in Mugla. It is possible to say that Knidos exhibits a rich image in terms of temples and churches. Artifacts from the Roman and Byzantine periods in the region reflect the architecture of the period quite successfully. The Aphrodite Statue is one of the most important symbols of this city. Moreover, we can say that it has a great role in gaining the reputation of the city. Let’s also mention that the city reached the most crowded population during the Byzantine period.


2. Sedir Island

“What are the natural beauties of Mugla?” One of the best answers to the question is undoubtedly Sedir Island. The beach, which is famous for its story, is also very famous for its sands. Legend has it that there was no sandy beach on the island. Roman General Antonius made a gesture for Cleopatra, who entered the sea here. The general brought tons of sand from Africa by ships, and these sands on the island have been preserved to this day. However, the truth of the matter is not exactly like that. It is also among the ideas put forward that the sands emerged as a result of very special geological formations. For this reason, it is said that the sands are under protection. It is forbidden for the guests who come to the island to take the sand out of the island.


3. Saklıkent

“Where to visit in Mugla?” Saklıkent Canyon is another place that comes to mind when asked. The land where the canyon is located has the feature of being a calcareous land. The land was easily eroded by the waters and became a canyon by developing fault cracks. The entrance of the canyon is filled with a strong flowing water. For this reason, it is necessary to cross a specially made bridge while entering the canyon. Otherwise, it is impossible to cross the water. You can have a pleasant time in this canyon, which is a truly magnificent natural wonder and enjoy being in touch with nature.


4. Ölüdeniz

Next on our list of places to visit in Mugla is Ölüdeniz, another wonderful place. Moreover, the region was deemed worthy of the title of the most beautiful beach in the world in 2006. Ölüdeniz, whose sea is extremely calm and without waves, is located in Fethiye district of Mugla and is quite developed in terms of tourism. Ölüdeniz is located on the Teke peninsula in the south-west of Anatolia. It is also known as one of the lagoon formations in Turkey.


5. Kabak Cove

This cove sits south of Ölüdeniz and even further south than the Butterfly Valley. It is tucked away with the recesses of land and forms a valley opening up to the sea. Its calm waters welcome a secluded and relaxing day full of ventures out into the gentle water or laying out on the pebble-beach. Not only can you swim in its tranquil waters, but the surrounding valley provides you with several beautiful hiking trails. 


6. Bodrum Castle

The castle has almost become a famous symbol of Bodrum. Today, it is used as an underwater archeology museum. The castle, which was started to be built by the knights in 1406, has towers named after different countries. The exterior view of the castle offers an assertive visual feast even in the evening hours.


7. Kizlan Windmills

Kızlan Windmills, which have a unique beauty, are located in Datça Kızlan village. The windmills in the village, which is famous for its almond and olive trees, have become the symbol of the village since the 1900s. There are 6 mills in the village. If you come by road, the mills greet you 8 km before you reach Datça. If you happen to be in Mugla, don’t forget to stop by the stone mills. The mechanisms and wheels in the building are very interesting.


8. Iztuzu Beach

The most important feature of Iztuzu beach is that it is located between fresh water and sea water. Moreover, we can say that such beaches are very rare. Cute Caretta caretta turtles live around the beach and sometimes lay their eggs on this beach. For this reason, the beach is also called “Turtle Beach” among the people. There is also a charity center set up around the beach to treat injured turtles. Not much known, this beach is generally quite calm and does not attract many tourists. The reason for this is that this natural wonder beach has not yet been discovered. If you enjoy vacationing in unexplored and quiet places, you can add Iztuzu beach to your route.


9. Yuvarlakcay

One of the hidden paradises in our country, Yuvarlakcay is one of the rare places where you can breathe, especially in the sweltering heat of summer months. It is a location that can be preferred by those who want to immerse themselves in ice-cold waters, watch the deep blue water, and be intertwined with nature. The popularity of Yuvarlakçay, located in Koycegiz, has increased in the last few years. Let us remind you that the word icy is true. It’s really a brave thing to get into the water and swim. Visitors can put their feet in the water, which has a temperature of around 7 degrees, after at least 4-5 tries. There are many swings on the river. A very spacious holiday option on hot summer days. The reason why the water is so cold is that the snow waters from Sandras Mountain feed the river.


10. Kızkumu Beach

The beach manages to attract the attention of visitors with its interesting structure. The most important feature of the beach is that it makes you feel like you are walking on water. When tourists look at the beach from a slightly higher point, they see people as if they are walking on the sea. Of course, this situation causes a great surprise. In this region, which has a pleasant and clear sea in the middle of nature, this walking area in the middle of the sea is actually formed by the combination of rising sands. This walking area has a length of about 600 meters. The beach continues to host local and foreign tourists every year as a natural wonder. Kızkumu Beach is separated from all other natural regions with its structure and calmness. It is known that this region used to be a Greek village. The name of the region also evolves over time. It is known that the name of the beach was Kırvasil before it became Kızkumu.


11. Butterfly Valley

We mentioned Ölüdeniz, located in Mugla, one of Turkey’s paradise corners, at the beginning of our list. Butterfly Valley; A corner of paradise located on the borders of Ölüdeniz, in Fethiye district of Mugla province. Surrounded by steep cliffs exceeding 350 meters in height, the valley is home to more than 80 butterfly species and especially the popularly known Tiger butterfly. The waterfall pouring into the valley from a height of 55 meters has a unique view. The waters pouring from the waterfall into the sea are mixed with the Mediterranean.


12. Datça

Enjoy the sights of the Aegean Sea, secluded coves, a charming old town and almonds fresh from the tree in this town on Turkey’s southwest peninsula.

Experience the white sand and clear waters of the Turkish Aegean coast in Datça, a large town on a peninsula of the same name. Discover local markets, fresh seafood and a region that celebrates its ancient history. Explore the bays and coves near the town and relax on the beach. See the breathtaking beauty of the Datça Peninsula by boat or on foot through fragrant forests of pine, eucalypt and almond trees.

Humidity in the region is quite low and oxygen is abundant. With 300 days of sunshine a year, Datça stands out as one of the most influential tourism spots in the region, with its unique history and rich texture.


13. Mausoleum of Halicarnassus

“Where to visit in Mugla?” We end our list with the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus. The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, one of the precious works of Greek architecture, is also considered one of the seven wonders of the world. Located in the Bodrum district of Mugla, this magnificent historical building is definitely one of the places to be seen in Mugla. If you happen to be in Mugla, make sure to add this historical building, which is also one of the wonders of the world, to your list.

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