Why Turkey In Winter Is A Good Idea?

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Turkey is a winter destination too! Many people assume that Turkey is only a summer destination. Every year, millions of visitors flock to the country to enjoy the summer weather, golden beaches, and superb scenery. However, many people aren’t aware of Turkey’s appealing attractions in the winter season, too.

  • Fewer Crowds

Turkey witnesses a high turnout of tourists in the summer, especially when the crowding reaches its peak. But you will not encounter this problem in the winter. You will enjoy your vacation to the fullest. You will not find it difficult while book your favorite hotel. No long crowds are waiting for you in front of the monuments and museums. You will feel as if you have rented these places for yourself alone. Less waiting means more time, which allows you to use this time for various activities.

  • Lower Prices

It all boils down to supply and demand with travel costs – when more people want a certain flight at a certain time, the more likely it is that the cost will increase. This is not just for travel costs. You’ll find that the majority of accommodations, activities, and eateries in Turkey have lower costs during winter than they would in the busier, summer months. With the same budget, you will realize that you can do more activities in the winter.

  • Amazing Views

Fewer crowds, great weather, and plenty to see and do means you can certainly fill up your phone with some Insta-worthy snaps. When it snows (occasionally it does), those photos will go from wow to winter wonderland wow in seconds.


Things To See/Do In Turkey During The Winter Months

  • Fascinating Ski Locations

If you live in hot areas where snow does not fall during the winter. It is now your chance to practice and try different winter sports. Several ski areas might be interesting for you. Such as those available in ski resorts near Antalya, Uludag Mountain in Bursa City, or in Kartepe, which is close to Istanbul, and only an hour and a quarter away.

  • From cool weather to warm water: Thermal tourism

Hot springs and thermal centers also offer a wide range of facilities. Mineral or spring waters heated by the earth are considered healing as well as relaxing – and draw guests of all ages. Some have extensive indoor and outdoor facilities, including saunas and multiple pools, while others are simpler and more streamlined.

  • Explore the cities that you missed in the summer

Turkey’s cities have so much to offer: great restaurants, 5-star and boutique hotels, museums, galleries, malls, boutique shops, cultural attractions, and walking tours. There is so much to do that you’ll find your perception of Turkey as solely a country of beaches and sunshine will change forever.
Not to mention that famous cities like Istanbul and Cappadocia have a different perspective in the winter that makes you feel you are visiting a completely different city from the one you are used to. Cappadocia is a year-round deal, but the landscapes take on a fairy-tale feel you must see to believe during the winter months.

  • Eastern Express Train Trip

Turkey’s most famous train route is the Eastern Express (Doğu Ekspresi) between Ankara and Kars, and winter is the most popular season to jump aboard. This 24-hour train ride is all about the scenery, and during the depths of winter, the landscape of high plateaus and craggy mountains that frame Turkey’s northeast region is completely blanketed in snow.

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