Aydın Kuşadası Didim properties for sale

Kusadasi property has experienced a resurgence of interest recently with the addition of some big name hotels and more cruise ship visits than ever before. This well established holiday resort town, with its sparkling waters and tiny islands, is definitely going places.[expand title=”Read more”] Once upon a time, property in Kusadasi was considered low priced. However, rising prices all along Turkey’s coasts mean the Kusadasi real estate bargains are not as plentiful as they once were.

How much will you pay for holiday villas in Kusadasi?

You can still snap up older apartments from around Euro 45,000 and villas in Kusadasi from as low as Euro 80,000. These properties tend to in older cooperative style complexes and lack modern facilities, however, they certainly present the rock bottom bargain overseas buyer with an ‘in’ to Turkish homes market.

Modern Kusadasi property comes with a deserved premium. Compared to other Aegean resorts such as Bodrum, Kusadasi offers lower prices when buying property as well as lower cost of living. Most new built homes in Kusadasi include family facilities such as swimming pool and landscaped gardens. Modern villas in Kusadasi start at around Euro 125,000 and are generally tastefully appointed, either in small estates with shared pool and landscaped gardens, or on private plots. As in most coastal areas expect to pay more for the Kusadasi real estate that is located close to the shoreline.

Should you expect healthy rentals from Kusadasi houses?

Rental potential is good here, particularly if you own a coveted family villa. Expect rental returns of around 5-6%, potentially more if you own a high end Kusadasi property. Prices are rising at a rate of around 8% each year, and ongoing investment into the area’s infrastructure and tourist areas means this upward trajectory should sustain for a good few years.

Who buys Kusadasi property?

Kusadasi is extremely popular with UK holidaymakers and Germans, who make up a huge chunk of the region’s tourism. A large number of Germans have purchased holiday villas in Kusadasi, creating a close-knit expat community. Industry experts are watching Kusadasi’s development with bated breath – this resort town’s star is definitely on the rise and Kusadasi real estate is hitching a ride to success.

White sands and a second home don’t come cheap. Or do they? It might be time to reconsider that view in the face of some of the fantastic Akbuk and Altinkum property in Didim bargains to be found in this northern Aegean region of Turkey.

You can grab yourself a 1-2 bedroom Didim apartment near a white sand beach from around Euro 50,000. Didim villas start at around Euro 80,000. Villas are open plan, sunny and generally have their own private pool, while apartments in Didim are generally well run family complexes with shared pools and large landscaped gardens – great for kids.

You might not make your fortune in investment here. However, prices are rising steadily (40% over the last 10 years). The real goldmine lies in Didim property’s high rental potential. Holidaymakers return here year after year and demand for quality rentals is growing. Average annual rental yields for Didim apartments are around 5-7% of property value – higher than the UK currently offers.

The wider Didim area is home to around a thousand expats, mostly British immigrants, closely followed by Germans, Russians, Dutch and Italians, who rent or own Didim homes. Once just a summer destination, Didim is now operating year round. Those with property in Altinkum, for example, can take advantage of a large number of shops and facilities. This is in no small part due to the Altinkum Marina, one of the largest on the Aegean. The marina complex boasts cinemas, shops and leisure and sporting facilities and has revitalised the area.

The closest airport to Didim is the Bodrum international airport. If you’d like a sunny home near the beach – without paying through the nose – you may be pleasantly surprised by property in Didim.