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General questions

  • Scientific research
  • Foreign nationals purchasing properties in Turkey
  • Staying with an economic goal or create a business
  • Participating in educational courses
  • Student residence permit
  • Staying with tourist purposes
  • Acquiring citizenship by buying properties in Turkey
  • Acquiring citizenship by investing in Turkish banks
  • Acquiring citizenship by creating entrepreneurship or business start-ups in Turkey
  • Acquiring citizenship by marrying a Turkish citizen

No, it is not feasible over time. A tourist visa turns into permanent residence permit or citizenship only under the terms of which you buy properties or invest in Turkish banks.

After 1st April 2020 foreigners can take maximum 1 year tourist visa

Except for citizens of countries: European Union countries, Russian federation and Republic of China.

Buying property

Turkey try to attract foreign capitals and this is an occasion for those foreigners who are interested in living or investing in Turkey. call us for more information

A foreigner can buy properties with a maximum area of 30 hectares in Turkey.

Foreigners are not allowed to buy properties in Turkey’s military or security zones.

Foreigners who buy properties or land can at most buy 10% of a region. The limit for the amount is not specified in the law.

Foreigners who buy properties in Turkey Acquiring residence permit for those very easy. They can get a residence permit for a specified period.

Also, they can get a residence permit for their family. Their children can study at schools and universities. On the other hand, it is much easier for them to work and get working permit. 

In Turkey foreign nationals can buy houses, shops, land and agricultural land due to the Turkish laws. Foreigners who buy land or agricultural land must inform the Turkish government about their construction or agriculture programs. call us for more information

You need to make an appointment from the Registry of deeds. This will be possible through the website and phones. The next step is arranging the date and time for the presence of the buyer and the seller at the Registry of deeds and it will be announced to the parties.

Required documents Include:

  • The original deed
  • The Buyer’s Passport (Including Passport’s Turkish Translation)
  • The sheet of property valuation report written by a property value
  • Insurance for the property
  • The buyer’s photograph in size of 50*60 mm
  • An official translator

Important Note: There is no need for having residence permit for those who want to buy property in Turkey. Call us for more information

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