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13 Holiday Places in Izmir, Pearl of the Aegean

Izmir resorts, resorts and towns have always been very popular. Known as the pearl of the Aegean, Izmir is known for its proximity to many holiday destinations as well as being a metropolitan city. We have listed 13 beautiful places around Izmir for you.

1- Ozdere

Ozdere, which is a part of the Menderes district of Izmir, is a charming coastal town. At the same time, it is the only tourism region of Menderes approved by the council of ministers. This small place consists of hotels, motels and hostels with a total bed capacity of 10 thousand. Its history is also very rich.

2- Sıgacık

A very nice neighborhood of Seferihisar, located in the southwestern part of Izmir. The sea and natural beauty of Sıgacık, which is also home to the ancient city of Teos, is worth seeing.

3- Sakran

We can say that it is the region where many Izmir residents owned a summer residence, especially in the years 1970-1980. The easy access to the city and the excellent sea view are the main reasons for choosing this place. And the pastry, which is named after itself, is legendary.

4- Dikili

Dikili, which is 120 km away from the city center, is known for its fertile lands. It is especially called the summer resort of Bergama and is a highly preferred tourism region. It is quite close to Balıkesir from the northern part.

5- Urkmez

Located between Gumuldur and Seferihisar, Urkmez is the perfect holiday destination for those who want to relax. The beach is mostly stony, but this is the reason why the sea is clean.

6- Urla

This district, which is 35 km away from Izmir, fascinates people with its historical texture and houses. For those who do not know that the food is quite delicious, I must say. Urla is also a place where the famous artist Tanju Okan lives and is identified with him.

7- Foca

It is a coastal town located in the north of Izmir. When the city emerged as an Ionian settlement in Antiquity, it was named Phokaia because of the seals living in the sea, and has come to our day as Foca.

8- Old Foca

Old Foca is a place that conquers the hearts of those who go to their houses, streets and restaurants with their cats. According to some, this is the place that should be understood when Foça is mentioned.

9- Alacati

Alacati, one of the most popular holiday centers of recent years, is located in Cesme. Blue-white houses fascinate everyone with their beautiful streets. Especially windsurfers prefer this region.

10- Gumuldur

Gumuldur was a very preferred holiday destination especially in the 80s. The fact that there are many state-affiliated camps has also enabled civil servant families to have a holiday here.

11- Mordogan

It is a neighborhood of the Karaburun district of Izmir. It is located right across Uzunada. Mordogan is especially famous for Catalkaya, Ayıbalıgı cliffs and beach, Ardıc Beach, amateur fishing and 70 kinds of purple flowers.

12- Karaburun

The district center of Karaburun is divided into 4 main parts as Kaza, İskele, Burgaz Arkası and Bodrum. Pier is where the fisherman’s shelter is located. It is also the promenade where people walk in the evenings. There are dive centers and fish restaurants. The back of Burgaz is the part where there are mostly summer houses. Bodrum is the part where the busiest beach of the district is located.

13- Candarli

It is a holiday resort in the district of Dikili, 1.5-2 hours away from Izmir. According to the rumor, Amazon women warriors dominated the region and established many coastal cities, especially Pitane (Candarlı). The word ‘pitane’, meaning the city of women and the city of queens, comes from here.


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