Thermal Tourism in Izmir

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In terms of thermal tourism, thermal springs have been used both in terms of Spa-Wellness and for therapeutic purposes since prehistoric times in Izmir.

Izmir also contains important thermal springs. The city, which has healed so many people since the ancient times with its many hot springs such as Balcova Agamemnon, Allianoi, Asclepion, Karakoc, Cesme-Sifne (Reisdere), continues its healing today.

In addition, the Bayındır Spas, Bergama (Pergamon) Spas, Menemen Spas, Ilıcagol Spa, Rabbit Island Spa, Cesme Spas, Sifne Spa, Seferihisar Spas, Urla Spa (Malkoc springs) and Gülbahce are still in use for thermal tourism. Hot springs have hot water, mud baths, and drinking water, and various treatment methods are applied at these springs, taking advantage of the possibilities of modern medicine.

Thermal springs with different ranges of temperatures (27 – 153 ºC) and high flow are available throughout the city. Aside from these features, the fact that thermal waters are close to the surface provides a great competitive advantage over other thermal areas.


Thermal springs in Balçova

Agamemnon Thermal Springs which was mentioned through the epic stories of Homer and the works of Strabon the geographer has been used as a healing home since ancient times up to nowadays. These thermal springs where the wounds of the soldiers of Alexander the Great were cured were the top most famous during those ages. There are the opportunities of hot water, mud bath and potable water within this district which is known as Balçova Kaplıcaları (Thermal Springs) nowadays. Over the springs, rises the thermal spring resort that offers a cure to thousands of sick people.


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