Sport activities in North Cyprus

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North Cyprus offers a range of activities, suitable for thrill seekers to those who are more subdued among visitors. Explore NCY at an altitude, hiking across the rugged terrain of the official walking trail over the Besparmak Range.

Glide from eight hundred meters in tandem, Golf in style on the island’s most prestigious championship course. Or venture out on one of the routes on a bike on your own or on a group tour. Also, you can take a guided tour on horseback around historical sites.

Take the family for a fun at paintballing or take it in turns to race around a go-kart track. There are plenty of sporting activities to keep children and adults entertained when visiting North Cyprus.


Sport activities in North Cyprus

Paragliding has become one of the most exciting ways to see the breathtaking views the island has to offer. The two main jump sites up in North Cyprus are on the Besparmak Mountain range, at 2,500 and 2,600 feet. Another possible jump is over the sand dunes of the Karpaz, which is a gentler low-flying glide. Whether you want a gentle flight or adrenaline, your pilot can tailor your flight to suit your desire.

The pilot will go through the necessary safety information, as well as fill you in on the best way to launch and land yourself safely. You will be strapped in tandem style with your pilot who will steer you throughout the adventure.

Some paragliding offices are located at Kyrenia Harbour. Jump days and times are determined as per weather conditions. You will also have the opportunity to treasure the occasion with photos and filming of the jump.

Horse riding

Horse riding is fun and inspiring that will allowing you to revel in the beauty of Cypriot nature. The three main riding clubs on the island located in Çatalköy, Karaoğlanoğlu, and Kozan, all offer unique occasions. From basic riding lessons to guided tours around historical highlights or discovering unspoiled landscapes from the top of pine-clad mountains on horseback, this experience is one for the family or the romantic couple alike.

Hiking —Besparmak mountain trail

Also known as The Kyrenia Mountain Trail, this is the official long walking trail of North Cyprus. Set as 18 stages over 260 km, this momentous trail stretches from the West Coast Cape Kormakitis to Cape Zafer on the very tip of the Karpaz Peninsula in the northeast of the island, known for its golden beaches and wild asses.

Walk along the spine of the mountains and enjoy breathtaking views right across NCY and the Mediterranean. Every turn will reveal new landscapes, wonderous nature, and wildlife as well as the hidden treasures of the island – stunning crusader castles, secretly hidden chapels, and much more to explore.

Golf —Holes with a view

Sport activities in North Cyprus

Situated on the coast and with the stunning Five Finger Mountains, rests North Cyprus’ 18-hole prestigious golf course.

Only a 20-minute drive from Kyrenia town center on the northwest coastal town of Esentepe, golfer pros and amateurs alike will be enchanted by this course. This course is carved from a natural forest of umbrella pines, carobs, and olive trees.

Set over 65 hectares of land, this vibrant 6,200 meter, and 72 par course, is designed for golfers expecting a challenge for all standards. The playing surface is maintained in excellent condition all year round and you can practice your swing at the 30-bay driving ranges or brush up on your skills with the help of a qualified instructor at the golf academy – all complete of course with a clubhouse bar drink at the end of the day.

Also located 7 kilometers from the Turtle preservation beach of Alagadi, this course is a wildlife-friendly area where the preservation of partridges, wild rabbits, foxes, and different reptiles is maintained, as well as a sanctuary for endemic flora.


With perfect weather conditions, varied and challenging terrain, and beautiful scenery. It is no wonder that North Cyprus is a favorite for leisurely and competitive cycling.

Enthusiasts love the island’s rugged character, which can go from rocky to clay, and steep to flat, all within the space of 10km. Whether venturing out on your own adventure or following one of the myriads of routes, the roads ahead unfold across scenic urban, rural, mountainous, and coastal terrain, with plenty to discover along the way.


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