Residence Permit in North Cyprus for Foreigners

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General Information

Foreigners visiting the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) may be granted a visa of up to 90 days, depending on its type, at designated ports and border crossings, provided they meet the conditions outlined in the Aliens and Immigration Law and are not deemed unfit to enter the country. The length of stay granted at the designated ports and border crossings of the TRNC cannot exceed 90 days within a period of 180 days. All foreigners who wish to stay in the TRNC for more than 90 days must obtain a residence permit.

Entry to and departure from the TRNC is possible through designated ports and border crossings with a valid passport or travel document. The type and duration of the visa issued to the foreigners are stamped on the travel document by the Immigration Officers. Foreigners’ stay in the country must not exceed the date stamped on their travel documents and they must not use the visa for any purpose other than its original intent. For instance, working with a tourist or student visa is considered a visa violation.

It is highly recommended to make visa applications at least one month prior to the intended travel date. Visa applications will be processed within a maximum of three working days.

Short Term Or Temporary Residence Permit

Residence Permits and Visas Regulations were introduced on 23 October 2019. Foreigners wishing to stay in the TRNC for longer than their visa period, must apply (and meet the requirements) for a Temporary Residence permit if they are not otherwise legally permitted to stay in the country.

Work Permits, Business Establishment Permits, and Permanent Residence are considered, for the purpose of this regulation, as Residence Permits, and a separate Residence Permit is not required. Temporary residence permits are normally issued, for a maximum period of one year.

Foreigners who are eligible to apply for a Temporary residence permit:

  • Foreigners who own immovable property in the TRNC and their family members.
  • Foreigners who can show a monthly income equal to 3 x minimum wages or who have the annual equivalent of this amount in a bank account.
  • Foreigners coming to the TRNC for vocational training or an internship, scientific research, or archaeological excavation
  • Those who come for educational purposes
  • Foreigners who come for treatment as medical tourism.
  • Those who are graduated from TRNC universities are credible to apply for a maximum of 6 months if they apply within 60 days of their graduation
  • Yacht owners or leaseholders, who arrive in conjunction with yacht tourism, including crew and passengers may be issued with a short-term residence permit of up to 6 months within a 12-month period.
  • Foreigners who come in order to film a movie/documentary may be issued with a short-term residence permit each time they apply for a maximum period of one year

Types of Residence Permits For Foreigners:

Tourist Visa

Those who come to the country for tourist visits and will stay at a hotel or other accommodation facility and those who have rented accommodation for this purpose can be issued a visa for a maximum of 30 days. If they can submit documents showing that a prior payment has been made for accommodation, a visa of up to 90 days may be granted.

A visa of up to 60 days can be issued to those who arrive in the country for the purpose of a family visit and stay at the inviting family member’s house. A visa up to 90 days may be issued to those who come for official visits, business meetings, conferences, seminars, meetings, festivals, fairs, exhibitions, sporting events, cultural and artistic events, health tourism, and similar purposes.

Work Permit Visa

According to the Law on Work Permits of Foreigners, it is given to foreigners who entered the nation with a temporary permit for a duration of 30 days. To be eligible to apply for a work permit visa, citizens of the nations that do not have an Embassy, Consulate General, Consulate, or other Representative Office in the TRNC must possess a passport that is valid for at least two years.


Foreigners who come to the country for the purpose of starting a business can be issued a visa for a period of 30 days provided that they have the fund to start a business.

Those Who Possess Immovable Property

Foreigners who own a villa or apartment in the TRNC may be granted a 1-year renewable residence permit for the first 3 years, and thereafter 2 years renewable permit provided they have obtained the title deeds (Kocan) registered in their name.

The applicant must be the owner of a residence-ready property that is currently being used for this purpose. No Temporary residence permit may be provided to another shareholder for the same dwelling if the title deed (Kocan) of the residence is divided into more than one share and one of the shareholders has been issued a Temporary residence permit (immovable property).

Family Residence Permit

Couples, co-habiting people, and/or families living in the same dwelling should apply for a Family Residence Permit. The main income earner or the person whose name is on the Property Title Deeds (Kocan)/Rental Agreement, if only one partner’s name is listed, should take the role of Sponsor for the purposes of the application. Only their salary/pension will be evaluated when making the application. Other persons who could be considered as a sponsor are TRNC citizens, residency permit holders, business permit holders, student residence permit holders, and foreigners who have been legally working in the TRNC at least for a year.

Student Residence Permit

Foreigners who are studying an associate degree, undergraduate degree, graduate degree, or postgraduate degree in a higher education institution in TRNC are obliged to hold a student residence permit. To apply for a student residence permit, you must register using the online application.

Foreigners over 18 years old but still studying in a secondary school can be issued a student residence permit by applying to the Immigration Department. The applicant must provide a valid passport, a valid student certificate, and a fee receipt from the Office of Tax and Revenue.


Foreigners who wish to enter the country for internships, courses, student exchange programs, and in-service training can be issued a visa for up to 90 days provided that they can submit formal acceptance letters.

Renewing your Residency Permit

If you have already applied and obtained residency via the online system, you should renew your residency online by selecting the renew button approx. 1 month before your current residency permit expires.

If you were only given 6 months of residency on your previous application but purchased 1-year Health Insurance, your application will immediately progress to the stage of being evaluated by the Interior Ministry. You will not be asked to attend a police interview, as this is only required once per year and you will not have to pay for Health Insurance, as you will still have approx. 6 months of Health Insurance coverage from your previous application. Once your application has been reviewed by the Interior Ministry your new residency permit will be issued.

Note: you will only be issued a residency permit for 6 months or a permit that expires on the date your Health Insurance expires. You will then need to apply again for Temporary Residency, but this time you should be issued with a 1 or 2-year permit.

If you were previously issued with a 1-year permit online, when you renew your Temporary Residency, you will be prompted to undertake the usual residency permit tasks, i.e. uploading your documents, attending a police interview, and paying for health insurance online.

How to get a permanent residence permit in North Cyprus?

In order to apply for the White Card or Permanent Residency in North Cyprus, on one hand, By paying 30% of the total amount, you can register the house and it is immediately possible to perform the residence process. This process lasts a maximum of two weeks. The administrative and legal process of buying property on the island made it so simple.

On the other hand, you should represent the following documents:
  • Owning a property worth at least £125,000  (single property)
  • Continuous residency in North Cyprus during the year (you can spend less than 40 days out of the country)
  • For those above sixty – 3 years of continuous residency permit, For those under sixty – 6 years of continuous residency permit
  • A valid health insurance

Procedures for entry of foreigners to the TRNC:

Foreigners may be required to provide the following documents and information to the Immigration Officer at the port of entry:

  • Proof of sufficient financial means to stay in the country and return home country
  • Proof of accommodation in the country
  • Foreigners must accurately and convincingly declare the purpose of the visit
  • If traveling for an internship, course, or student exchange program, a formal letter from the inviting institution
  • If traveling for higher education, an official acceptance letter from the university
  • If visiting family, a letter of invitation which provides name, address, phone number, and other contact information
  • If traveling on a business trip, an official letter of invitation from a company in the TRNC
  • If traveling for touristic purposes, a reservation or a rental document for the stays from 30 to 90 days.
  • Foreigners crossing to the TRNC from Southern Cyprus are also required to present the above-mentioned documents/information.
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