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Mersin is located in the Mediterranean Sea region, housing one of the biggest ports in Turkey! The name “Mersin” comes from the beautiful myrtle trees that are very common in this city.[expand title=”Read more”]

Located in the middle of Antalya and Adana, Mersin has a very long coastline with beautiful beaches that goes on for 321 km! It is one of Turkey’s most important coastal cities! Approximately 108 km of these shores are composed of very beautiful natural beaches. Mersin has been especially getting popular in the last years due to its touristic values and important history.

Mersin districts: Akdeniz, Anamur, Aydıncık, Bozyazı, Çamlıyayla, Erdemli, Gülnar, Mezitli, Mut, Silifke, Tarsus, Toroslar, Yenişehir

Mersin houses very interesting touristic locations like Alahan Monastery, Heaven and Hell Pits, Kızkalesi, Ayaş, Yumuktepe, Soli-pompeipolis, Eshab-ı Kehf Cave, and much more!

Mersin is a centre of religion as it’s the grounds of the Virgin Mary’s grave according to the Bible, amongst other sacred religious places.

In the year 2008, Alahan Monastery and St. Paul’s Well and Memorial Museum were both put into UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, making Mersin a cultural wonder.

In Mersin, with high education and cultural level, %99 of the population knows how to read and write. On top of that, one of the first Government Opera and Ballet Theatre is in Mersin, meaning it’s one of the most cultural places in whole of Turkey!

What is one of the things we most need in our daily life? It’s of course shopping!

Mersin while having a lot of places to shop, has been getting a lot of investments for it. There are a lot of good shopping places and much more!

Chosen best in the year 2009 by ICSC (International Council of Shopping Centers) is Forum Shopping Center Marinavista, it one of the best malls in Europe, amongst other very good malls in Mersin. Overall, it is evolved in trading and will always have something for you to buy for cheap and with quality.

Living and real estate prices are cheaper compared to other cities.

Location and climate: Mersin is hot in summer, warm and rainy in winter, making it an ideal place to live, especially if don’t like the cold climate or just want to escape it.

While the average for summer is 28 Celcius degrees, winter has an average of 15 Celcius degrees.

Transportation: While the closest airport to Mersin’s city center is Adana Şakirpaşa Airport with 66 km distance, there is another airport that is being constructed and is going to be ready by 2021, away by 30 minutes called Çukurova Bölgesel Havalimanı which will make it much easier and convenient to fly to this beautiful city! Have a good flight!

Places to see: Aynalıgöl Cave, Heaven and Hell Sinkholes, Cleopatra Gate, Gümüşkum, Çamdüzü, Erdemli Çamlığı, Pullu, Karaekşi, Narlıkuyu Cave, Susanoğlu, Kapızlı, Gözne, Hazelnut Spring, Çamlıyayla (Namrun) and Sorgun Plateaus, Çamlıyayla Cehennem river and the pries’s garden, Pompeiopolis, Tarsos, Neopolis, Krykos, Kilindria, Selevkeia and Anemurion Ancient City Ruins, Anamur, Meydancık, Maiden’s Castle, Silifke Castle, Soli, Alahan Monastery, Haghia Thekla Basilica, Uzuncaburç, Akkale, Gözlükule Settlements, Tarsus Mosque, Lal Ağa Mosque, Erdemli, Silifke, Tarsus, Narlıkuyu Mosaic Museums and Uray Street are examples.

Security: Mersin residents are hospitable and helpful. You can safely walk both in the city center and on the beach and swim in the sea as much as you want.

Education: Education is very important to Mersin. There is a high reading and writing knowledge percentage of the folk with 4 universities to accompany them!

Culture and traditions: Mersin houses use a residential architecture that was used at the end of the 19th century, making it an interesting place to view due to its historical resemblance. There is an old tradition of weaving, dating back to hundreds of years ago. It also has its delicious cuisine, mostly containing dishes with a high amount of spice and desserts.

Real Estate in Mersin: Foreigners can buy houses from existing and new projects with the best service of izmirestate. Real estate prices are lower than in Istanbul, Antalya and Alanya.

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