Distance to Airport: 30 Min
Distance to Beach: 5 Min
Distance to Center: 17 Min

Why this property?

Having 15,500 square meters of green area, Royal Viridian offers a calm atmosphere in the open air with its widely landscaped areas. Royal Viridian meets the needs of people of all ages with its walking paths, parks, recreational areas, ornamental pools, tennis court, basketball court, indoor swimming pool and playgrounds right next to nature. With the ornamental pools located at the heart of the project, Royal Viridian puts family life at its center. The feeling of serenity and peace provided by water is accompanied by magnificent sycamore trees, lindens with healing effects, pines with their ability to absorb dust and clean the air, and alder trees that contribute to the growth of seeds and plants in the soil. All your needs will meet completely thanks to trendy cafes, gourmet restaurants, boutique shops, sports centers and educational opportunities in the vicinity.

The seeds of happiness planted next to the 1,5 million m2 Istanbul Beykoz Forest continue to grow and flourish in Çubuklu. Istanbul’s greenest tale starts here.

It is an ideal place for those who want to include nature in urban life and complement the clean forest air with Royal Viridian quality, and for those who wish to touch Istanbul’s green and blue parts at the same time.

Royal Viridian’s deep bond with trees reduces the effects of the exhausting metropolitan life on you to nothing. Royal Viridian is one of the projects with the highest green area per person. The garden floor apartments in the project have large balconies and terraces. It brings tenderness and freshness to your life by making you touch the greenery.

Bringing nature to metropolitan life and forest air to your home, Royal Viridian aims for great pleasures by maximizing your living standards with 163 apartments vary from 2+1 to 6+1 with expansive balconies and terraces.

Large glass surfaces used in the exterior carry the forest inside your home, and it enables the interior spaces to integrate with the landscape and allows you to make maximum use of daylight.

While your highest comfort level is provided by underfloor heating and VRF cooling systems, maximum efficiency in energy use is also intended. Thus, a living space is constructed according to the goal of a sustainable world.

You and your beloved family… With an elegant answer to every need, Royal Viridian offers a life including parks, gardens, ornamental pools, recreational areas and walking paths, as well as an indoor swimming pool, tennis court and basketball court for all its residents of all ages.

The walking track, which surrounds the project and creates a perfect harmony with nature, allows you to take your morning walks in the forest atmosphere without going far away.

On this walking track, which reflects all the beauties of nature with a unique landscape, you will both do sports and socialize with your loved ones in the most natural way.

The nature and the social facilities of Royal Viridian will introduce you to unique privileges. You will encounter nature at the moment you leave your home. You will start each day with the serenity of exercising while breathing the clean forest air. If you wish, you will be relieved of the stress by the lakeside, or you will spend time with your family and friends at the social facilities.

You will experience the privilege of being one with nature in the middle of the city at Royal Viridian.

Located only 50 meters away from the forest and lake, the project is 2 kilometers away from TED College, 5 kilometers from Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, 5 kilometers from Çubuklu-İstinye Ferry Terminal, 5 kilometers from Anadoluhisarı, 15 kilometers from İstinye Park AVM, 12 kilometers from the 15th July Martyrs Bridge, 23 kilometers from Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, 38 kilometers from Sabiha Gökçen Airport and 47 kilometers from Istanbul Airport.


  • General Features
  • Parking Garage
  • Elevator
  • Garden and Playground
  • Technical Specifications
  • Cable TV
  • Water Booster
  • Water tank
  • 24 Hours Technical Service
  • Natural gas
  • Generator
  • Central Hot Water
  • Satellite TV Receiver
  • Security Specifications
  • Security
  • Housing Security
  • Steel door
  • Automatic Fire Extinguishing System
  • Fire and Smoke Detector
  • Security cameras
  • Closed Circuit Video System
  • 24 Hour Security
  • Video Intercom System
  • Top Features
  • High Investment Value
  • Close to Airport
  • Family-friendly
  • Sport Activities
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Social facilities
  • Sauna
  • Restaurant / Cafe
  • Turkish Hamam
  • Project View
  • Lake
  • City view
  • Nature