Welcome to our exclusive residential complex in the serene area of Yeni Bogazici, Cyprus. Nestled near the sparkling seaside, this development offers a remarkable opportunity to experience a tranquil lifestyle amidst modern design and exceptional amenities. Allow us to introduce you to our exquisite 2+1 85 sqm flats available for sale, providing a haven of comfort and style.

Our residential complex showcases two distinct types of flats that cater to diverse preferences. The first type consists of ground flats with spacious interiors and a delightful terrace. Picture yourself enjoying the gentle sea breeze and indulging in al fresco dining or creating a cozy outdoor retreat. These ground flats offer a seamless blend of indoor and outdoor living, providing the perfect space for relaxation and entertainment.

The second type of flat is the elegant 2+1 loft, boasting a sophisticated design and an enchanting roof terrace. Imagine unwinding in your private sanctuary, appreciating views of the surrounding area. The loft flats exemplify modern luxury and present an exquisite living experience where every moment is cherished.

Within the complex, residents are treated to an array of top-notch amenities. Dive into the refreshing waters of the swimming pool, bask under the warm Mediterranean sun. Open parking spaces are available for residents and their guests, ensuring convenience and ease of access. Furthermore, a charming café within the complex allows you to enjoy a cup of coffee or a light meal in a relaxing ambiance.

The flats themselves have been meticulously designed to embody contemporary aesthetics and functionality. With attention to detail, the interiors are thoughtfully crafted, boasting sleek finishes and high-quality materials. Each flat offers spacious living areas, including comfortable bedrooms and a modern kitchen.

The location of our residential complex adds another layer of allure. Yeni Bogazici is a peaceful area, providing a serene ambiance away from the bustling city, making it an ideal retreat for those seeking tranquility. The proximity to the seaside ensures that residents can easily access the beach for leisurely strolls, sunbathing, or engaging in various water activities.

In summary, our residential complex in Yeni Bogazici, Cyprus, presents an exceptional opportunity to own a remarkable 2+1 flat. With the choice between 2+1 ground flats with a terrace or 2+1 lofts with a roof terrace, residents can select their preferred style of living. The modern design, coupled with the enticing amenities such as the swimming pool, children’s pool, open parking spaces, and café cafe, ensures a truly luxurious and comfortable lifestyle.

Payment Plan: The construction company offers a flexible payment plan. Secure your flat with a down payment of 40% of the total purchase price. The remaining 60% can be paid in installments until the delivery date of the project.