The new project is a residential complex located in Bornova, a charming and lively neighborhood in Izmir, Turkey. It offers a range of living options, including 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, and 4+1 apartments, as well as 5+1 duplexes. The complex consists of four floors and a store are located on the ground floor.

One of the unique features of this project is that it is designed with the earthquake law in mind. Turkey is situated in a seismically active region, and as such, it is important that buildings are constructed with earthquake-resistant materials and techniques. The developers of this project have made this a priority, ensuring that the building is as safe and secure as possible.

In addition to its focus on safety, the complex also boasts several amenities that are sure to appeal to residents. There are gathering terraces, which provide an excellent place for residents to socialize and relax. There is also a large outdoor swimming pool in a big green area, perfect for those hot summer days.

Delivery Date: December 2023