This prestigious villa complex is located in a well-known area of Izmir; Menderes is a district located in one of the best city parts, close to Izmir Adnan Menderes airport and not too far from the Natural Reserve and the Agean sea. This complex consisted of 56 villas in two different designs: some with four bedrooms (4+1) with 270 m2 net, and five bedrooms (5+1) with 290 m2 net.

All the villas own a private area with a detached garden and all the citizens have access to 2 swimming pools and everyone owns a private parking spot. All the rooms of these villas contain a dressing room and each room is designed to have a master bath. Also, every villa has got a laundry room and a Jacuzzi can be made upon request on the terrace floor by the 0wner. All the villas are equipped with Smart Home System for your safety and comfort.



  • At the bottom of the Ring Road
  • Close to Adnan Menderes airport
  • Close to big markets such as Menderes market


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