Distance to Airport: 25 Min
Distance to Beach: 1 Min
Distance to Center: 40 Min

Why this property?

We invite you into a poem, into a peaceful life under Istanbul’s blue eyes. Morning daylights will whisper to you the first lines about tranquility while caressing your dreams over the blueness. The sun entering through the window will accompany you as you prepare breakfast in the kitchen. You will dance with this gentle and peaceful melody that warms your heart while enjoying the happiest moments in your living room with your loved ones. Your window is a beautiful painting of Istanbul and its blueness. When your eyes touch this unique painting, you will feel the heart of blue. It will be like walking in a museum.

The happiest dreams will be on your bedside, while the daylight is replaced by the sea sparkles and the moonlight gently puts a halo on your head. They will spread out smoothly at night and leave a happy bouquet behind.

It will not be enough to see just for a moment. You will want to feel Istanbul and its blueness on every breath you take. We have designed apartments for you with a beautiful balcony in each of them, as well as other options with a terrace and garden.

Your eyes will meet Istanbul on your balcony, garden or terrace. You will witness the magic of the lights dancing on the horizon. The leading roles of this miracle will be you and your loved ones. You and Istanbul will tell stories to each other.

Rising in 2 blocks on an area of 3968 square meters, Blue Rhapsody consists of 22 1+1 apartments, 42 2+1 apartments with open kitchen, 20 2+1 apartments with closed kitchen, 32 3+1 apartments and 4 4+2 apartments. This is a deep blue poem that carries a piece from everyone.

Blue Rhapsody has a radiant beauty with its architectural design, landscape and ornamental pools. The project includes many features such as an indoor pool, fitness center, sauna, Turkish bath, parking lot, children’s playgrounds and security service. If you want to be reborn and refreshed like the rising sun every morning, many possibilities will be waiting in Blue Rhapsody that will relieve you of all the daily stress and prepare you for tomorrow.

Another shade of blue will greet you at the indoor pool. It will take all the burden off your shoulders. You will float in the pool with joy and peace like a bird in the blue sky. The fitness room, sauna and Turkish bath are also the other lines of this poem. Words of calmness and happiness are hidden in each. They will make you light and serene like clouds decorating the sky.

In children’s playgrounds, the voices of our most precious and beloved ones will echo like birds chirping on the branches of a tree. There is also a parking lot in Blue Rhapsody where you can park your car when you come back from work, school or shopping. This project is a poem that will always embrace you when you return from wherever you go. There is also a security service in Blue Rhapsody so that you do not have to worry about anything while you are reading this poem.

Project Details

  • 10 minutes from the Metrobus station
  • 10 minutes from Buyukcekmece IDO
  • 15 minutes from West Istanbul Marina
  • General Features
  • Parking Garage
  • Elevator
  • Garden and Playground
  • Technical Specifications
  • Cable TV
  • Water Booster
  • Water tank
  • Natural gas
  • Central Hot Water
  • Satellite TV Receiver
  • Security Specifications
  • Security
  • Housing Security
  • Steel door
  • Security cameras
  • 24 Hour Security
  • Top Features
  • High Investment Value
  • Family-friendly
  • Project View
  • Sea
  • City view