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If you are looking for a touch of authenticity and a private lifestyle with narrow streets and charming stone houses, then look no further than upmarket Cesme property for sale. [expand title=”Read more”]  This picturesque town offers a beauty like no other, and is found on the Western Coast of the Izmir province, attracting those who are looking for beautiful villas for sale in an upcoming area for expats and foreign real estate buyers looking to add that touch of luxury to their lifestyle. 

How much does property in Cesme cost?
With a lovely sea breeze and year round climate ensuring its never too hot, Cesme is a destination where bright coloured properties and authentic designed homes are constructed to a high standard, giving you modern real estate with spectacular sea views and exquisite swimming pools and gardens.

Known as the upmarket hub of the region, it is possible to pick up villas for sale in Cesme from as little as GBP 220,000 – GBP 400,000, while prices for a more luxurious home can easily fetch upwards of the millions such is the standard of homes you will find in this part of Turkey. 

Upmarket and chic, villas in Cesme offer a unique setting for those looking for investment opportunities in Turkey, providing the buyer with a healthy stream of rental potential as well as an opportunity to maximise their returns in the future as the region grows. 

Apartments are hard to come by in this region due to restraints and the style of the buildings that you will find in Cesme. 

Why buy a property in Cesme
By buying a home in Cesme, you are also investing heavily in your future. Cesme is a region on the rise – this once quiet peninsula is becoming a star in its own right, an area attracting more and more tourists and visitors as each year passes. With a long summer season, the region is becoming a hotspot for spa vacations and those looking for something with a little more luxury to it than other destinations. 

Property prices in Cesme are going only one way – up, and up fast. As Cesme’s spa and natural beauty tourism market takes off, visitors will rise, property prices will rise, and holiday homes will come more into demand. This in turn will have a direct impact on your investment, resulting in high rental income possibilities and appreciation on the value of your villa in Cesme. 

A home bought in Cesme is a nest egg for tomorrow, contact us today to speak to our Cesme real estate advisors who will be happy to assist your search and answer any questions or queries you may have. 


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