This luxury villa is located in the notable area of Çeşme, Mamurbaba, and offers a stunning landscape built on a spacious 1160 m2 plot of land. The villas are designed with modern, simplified lines, and first-class, imported materials, making them one of the most special structures in the region.

The villa offers a closed area of 500 m2, with 2 large living rooms/kitchens of 113 m2, 7 rooms, 6 bathrooms, 2 kitchens, a sports & cinema area, a winter garden, and a system room. The rooms, kitchen, living room, WC, and bathroom have high-quality, first-class imported materials, including 1st class imported ceramic material, water-based paint on gypsum plaster, satin gypsum plaster on suspended ceilings, and water-based plastic paint.

The villa also features modern technology that brings comfort to your fingertips. The air conditioning infrastructure, fiber optic internet infrastructure, smoke detectors, smart home system, and sensitive fire system are all available for your convenience. The villas also have a redundant central generator and a closed-circuit camera system with RAID-5 technology for added security.

This villa offers quality, comfortable, energy-efficient, nature-friendly, and long-lasting structures. The thermal insulation and underfloor heating make them energy efficient, and the automatic garden irrigation ensures that they are nature-friendly. Additionally, they have 24/7 private security, a fire pit, regulator, satellite system, fire safety system, alarm system, air conditioning, and intercom.

The villas are within walking distance of the beach and entertainment centers, providing easy access to all your needs. This luxury villa offers a 72 m2 private swimming pool and a smart home system to ensure a quality life with comfortable and modern amenities.