Is July a good time to visit Turkey?

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Peak season in parts of the country but pleasantly free of crowds in others, July is midsummer in Turkey and the temperatures are high. If you love beaches or like the idea of having amazing cultural sites mostly to yourself, consider visiting Turkey in July. Read on to learn more about traveling to Turkey in this month.


July is midsummer in Turkey and the weather is hot, wherever you go and whatever you choose to do. Average July temperatures in Istanbul and Cappadocia are “only” 82°F (28°C), whereas almost every other popular destination soars above 86°F (30°C). Coastal places, such as Bodrum and Antalya, tend to be hottest. Even inland Ankara, which is cooler than Istanbul for much of the year, is very hot in July. The flip side is that Turkey is generally very dry in July, and the heat is a dry heat rather than an all-encompassing muggy heat. Add a coastal sea breeze and you might just find Turkey to be perfect in July.

Where to Go

Where to go in Turkey in July should depend on your comfort levels with heat. To enjoy the sun and cool off in the sea, the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts are ideal. Izmir is one of Turkey’s largest cities and a good starting point for coastal adventures on the west. The port city of Fethiye, on the southwestern coast, is a good place to start island-hopping adventures. Bodrum and Antalya are other vibrant, interesting cities located conveniently near some superb beaches.

What to Do

Swimming, sailing, and relaxing on beaches are ideal things to do in Turkey in July. If, however, you’re more interested in culture and history there are plenty of options in July. Cappadocia, with its amazing fairy-chimney landscape, isn’t very busy in July. Istanbul could keep a culture and history buff occupied for days, with its centuries of history all on display. To combine beach time with a good dose of culture, head for the region around Selcuk. The town isn’t coastal itself but it’s not far from beaches, and it’s the base for exploring the incredible ancient ruins at Ephesus. Just time your visit to Ephesus for early morning or late afternoon, and there’s almost no shade.

Events in July

Istanbul Jazz Festival, from late June to mid-July. Despite its name, this music festival isn’t limited to jazz and visitors can also listen to rock, pop, reggae, and more.

Motocar Festİzmir/Foça08.07.2022 / 10.07.2022
Seferihisar Lavender Festivalİzmir/Seferihisar10.07.2022 / 10.07.2021
Tiebfest Kapadokya Bicycle FestivalNevşehir/Nevşehir13.07.2022 / 17.07.2022
International Büyükçekmece Culture and Art Festival
İstanbul/Büyükçekmece26.07.2022 / 30.07.2022
Electronica Fest Çeşmeİzmir/Çeşme29.07.2022 / 31.07.2022
Diynamic Fest İstanbulİstanbul/Küçükçekmece30.07.2022 / 30.07.2022
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