International Schools in Istanbul

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  • You’re planning to move to Turkey and looking for international schools for your children?
  • As a result, on this page, we hope to give you information about the International schools available in Istanbul.

1. AL Fayez International School in Istanbul

This private school was opened in 2015, and it is marked as the first Arabic school to be approved and accredited by the Turkish ministry in Istanbul. Al Fayez or Kazanim International school has branches in Bagcilar, Kartal, Beylikduzu, and Behcesehir.

School grades: Kindergarten, primary, elementary, and High school.

Age range: 3-18 years.

Curriculum/Language: Cambridge program, British English & Arabic.



2. AL Key Private Schools

AL Key is a German private school and is located in Alkent, Buyukcekmce.

School grade: Kindergarten, primary, elementary, and high school.

Age:3-18 years

Curriculum/language: IB program, German, Turkish, and English.


3. Jasmin International School

Jasmin International school is a Palestinian private school accredited by Edexcel and the ministry of national education in Turkey. It is located in Bagcilar.

School grades: Kindergarten, primary, preparatory, high school, and J+.

The J+ grade is an advanced level and is designed to be a preparation for university life.

Age: 03-18.

Curriculum/Language: Edexcel program for English/ Palestinian program for Arabic and Turkish language.


4. Lycee Francais Pierre Loti

Lycee Francais Pierre Loti is a private French school that is part of AEFE, the agency for French education abroad. It is accredited by the Ministry of national education in Turkey.

The school is located in Beyoglu and Tarabya.

School grades: kindergarten, primary, preparatory, and high school.

Age: 03-18 years.

Curriculum/Language: French curriculum/ French, English, Turkish, and there are Spanish and German available on some levels.


5. Liceo Italiano

Liceo Italiano is a private Italian school in Beyoglu that aims to promote the Italian and European cultures to their students as part of their educational process. It is one of the oldest private schools in Istanbul dated back to 1888.

School grade: Preparatory and High school.

Age range: 14-18 years

Curriculum/Language: Italian curriculum/ Italian and Turkish.


6. Ihsan International School in Istanbul

Ihsan International school is a private school that received accreditation from the ministry of education in the United States of America, California. The school is located in Esenyurt.

School grade: Kindergarten, primary, preparatory, and highschool.

Age:03-18 years

Curriculum: American Curriculum/English, Arabic, and Turkish.


7. Deutsche Schule Istanbul-DSI

This school, which is located in Beyoglu, is a German school in Istanbul and is also one of the oldest foreign schools in the city and it is accredited by national education in Turkey.

School grade: High school.

Age: 15-18 years.

Curriculum/Language: German curriculum/ German, English, and Turkish. French is an elective.


8. AL Jazari International Schools

Al Jazari school is a private school in Istanbul with accreditation from both ministry of national education in Turkey and the departments of education in the state of California, USA and it has two branches, one in Atakent, Kucukcekmce, and the other one is Ell’ p, Fatih.

School grade: Kindergarten, primary, elementary, and high school.

Age: 03-18 years.

Curriculum/Languages: American curriculum/ English, Arabic, and Turkish.

Besides these private international schools, many schools in Istanbul teach English and have American or British curriculum, such as Istanbul International school in Uskudar. Elit Academy in Esenyurt, Uskudar American Academy in Uskudar, MEF international school in Besiktas, and Bright International school, Beylikduzu.

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