How to Find a Legal Job in Turkey?

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The best place to start looking for a legal job in Turkey is via a quick Google search.

You will come across multiple job listing sites and platforms. Often, you will get an immediate feeling of whether these job postings and the companies behind them are legitimate., which is only available in Turkish, or other platforms such as Glassdoor, Indeed, and LinkedIn are good places to start.

The most surefire way to see legal jobs is to use İşkur, the website of the national employment agency of Turkey. 

You should always do a background check for the company or employer listed in a job ad. If there are terrible reviews online, it is best to stay away.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Security website is also good to use as a reference when in doubt.

The best way to ensure a job is legal and the company will sponsor your work permit is to communicate with them, preferably via writing (e-mail) so that you have a paper trail.



What to Ask Your Employer

On that note, here are some questions you should ask your employer to ensure you are not falling for a scam or believing in false promises.

First and foremost, you must ask your employer if they are familiar with the work visa/work permit process. Although a “no” does not mean a dead-end, working for a company used to handling such processes will make you feel safer and more at ease.

You must also make sure that they state their intention to apply for a work permit (preferably in writing) before you sign any papers or the contract. If their behavior and correspondence feel evasive or they refuse to apply for a permit, you should look elsewhere.

In addition, you could ask them if they are aware of the fines and penalties imposed on foreign workers and their employers who are found to be illegally working in Turkey. If they act nervous or try to brush over these concerns saying nothing will happen, exercise caution.

Foreigner or not, you must also make sure your employer intends to pay your social security premiums to ensure you have access to SGK benefits. Many companies often promise this to unsuspecting employees who work in seasonal jobs, but later refuse to pay them.

This is illegal and the employer will be subject to fines for doing so.

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