How to apply for university in Turkey for International students in 2023

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In recent years, Turkey has experienced considerable growth in its higher education system, leading to an increase in international students choosing to study there. This article outlines the process for applying to universities in Turkey and highlights the benefits of studying in the country.

Turkey is home to 208 universities, with over 8 million students, making it the country with the most students in the European Higher Education Area. Although most programs are taught in Turkish, there are several programs offered in English.

Turkey involved in European Higher Education Area is implementing the Bologna Process in a perfect way; its Bologna report is 5 out of 5. So, the diploma you receive from a university in Turkey is recognized in all European countries!

University Application Process

The application process for international students in Turkey requires certain documents and qualifications, including high school diplomas, transcripts, and identity documents, as well as specific language proficiency tests like YÖS (Foreign Student Exam for both languages; Turkish or English) and ALES (especially for Master’s applicants).

The application process can be done online or through paper-based applications, but most universities have shifted to online applications due to the pandemic.

Application deadlines for Turkish higher education are typically at the end of May for the fall semester and at the end of December for the spring semester.

Turkey is one of the most successful countries participating in the exchange programs under Erasmus +. In addition to Erasmus, there are many exchange programs in Turkey, such as Mevlana, and Farabi, which support the mobility of students and lecturers.

Tuition Fees and Scholarships

Overview of tuition fees

Education in Turkey is completely free for the citizens. International students should pay a low amount of money every year; for a bachelor’s in English: 450 – 1,500 USD and in Turkish: 240 – 750 USD, Masters’s in English: 600 – 900 USD, and a Master’s in Turkish: 300 – 600 USD. you should consider these prices are just samples, it changes from university to university, private to public, and program to program.

However, tuition fees in Turkey are way cheaper than other European universities with the same education quality. On the other hand, universities offer several opportunities for scholarships.

Financial assistance options

Turkish universities offer various financial aid options for international students who wish to pursue higher education in Turkey.

These options include scholarships, grants, and loans. The Turkish government provides scholarships such as Türkiye Scholarship for international students, covering tuition fees, accommodation, and health insurance.

You should apply for it through the university website. It differs from one to another. do not trust any person just listen to what the alumni of the university.

Student Life in Turkey

With at least one university in every city, Turkey is exactly a student-friendly country! Social clubs, sports teams, and cultural events at every university bring together students and make distant geographies close.

When you arrive in Turkey you will understand that the most active points of the city are the places where students socialize! Thanks to the cafes, restaurants, and libraries where the students hang out, the cities live 24 hours a day.

Life in Turkey is more affordable than in most countries. You can meet your needs, such as accommodation, food and drink, and entertainment at affordable prices.

You can stay at the dormitories within or near the University campuses, or rent a house for a reasonable lease. In addition, whichever transportation you choose as a student, you will receive a ticket at a discounted price, or watch the movie in the cinema at a cheaper.

Health insurance is completely on the University. As your application is accepted by the university, and with some paperwork, the university gives insurance documents.


We can see, living and studying in Turkey is much more affordable than you can guess. Turkish government makes it easy for an international student to have an opportunity to study in one of the Turkish Universities.

Prepare yourself to continue your education in Turkey, no matter where you are located. Just contact the university you wish to study, upload your documents, pack your staff, and get ready to come. Remember to do it before the deadline.

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