A residential complex with 7 floors, parking spots, stores on the ground floor, in one block, and large balconies. It’s a multi-story building that offers a variety of plan options, including 1+1, 2+1, and 3+1 flats, with ample parking for residents and visitors. The ground floor features a variety of stores and shops for your convenience. The balconies are big and spacious and offer residents a private outdoor space to enjoy.

General Information:

  • 1+1 (56 m2 N), 2+1 (95 m2 N) and 3+1 (120 m2 N)
  • Big terrace in the backyard for citizens
  • Stores and Parking spots
  • Smart home system
  • Each has balconies and big terraces
  • Modern Interior design
  • Master bedrooms and closet rooms


  • Big shopping stores at the footsteps
  • Near to Public transport ( Ata Sanayi Izban Stop)
  • Near to the main highway
  • Near to Izmir Katip Çelebi University
  • Less than 30 mins to Big malls (Hilltown Karşiyaka and Mavibahçe)
  • Less than an hour to Izmir City Center