Big malls in Izmir

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Izmir civilization has developed smartly. Every district has its own full facilities such as municipalities, big malls, public transport stations, and other governmental services. So, where ever you live you can easily access any service you may want. Here we mention some of the big and famous malls in different districts of Izmir so you do not bother to search for them by yourself.

Forum Bornova

As it sounds from its name located in one of the best and most accessible places in Izmir with lots of parking spots and several bus stops options. It is a well-designed open-air place where you can spend time with your family. The beautiful and flourishing terrace is a soulful place to enjoy your lunch.

It includes multiple businesses for clothing (all the major brands local and international), a great IKEA, a big Mediamarkt and the biggest 5M Migros market in the city, coffee shops and restaurants (mostly on the first-floor terrace), electronic shops, a cinema, phone operators, an exchange, etc.

Istinye Park:

An impressive modern shopping center that only recently opened. All good brands to shop for anything you can think of from clothing to electronics plus a food court that reminded me of Harrods in London. There are fine and elegant details in every corner of this mall, ranging from the green flowerbeds outdoors to all the wooden bark that has been used in the flowerbeds indoors to create a contrast between nature and the construction of marble and glass and mirrors. Located in Balçova and Very convenient to get to because the Izmir Metro goes right to the mall at Fahrettin Altay stop.

Lots of food options as well although they often spread all over the mall in random places so you need to walk around to find your place of choice. And The central court which is larger than a tennis court and has an unsupported dome at least 30-40m high is worth seeing. There are lots of brand choices and it’s relatively cheap for Westerners but more expensive than average malls.


This mall is well laid out, and the natural light from the beautiful roof is wonderful. This mall is very clean and inviting. Great shopping center with lots of entertainment including an ice skating rink, and two large outdoor playing areas for children 4-12 making a great family shopping option.

This place is a shopper’s paradise. There is an unbelievable amount of choice of everything from international to local brands of clothing, homeware, and food. The location is on the outskirts of Izmir but convenient to get to with the IZBAN.

You can find everything your heart desires inside this enormous department store. There is a lot of space paired with a lot of diverse stores. On the top floor, you can find many stores to eat at. And on the other floors, there are stores from Nike, puma, Koton, and LC Waikiki.

I’m adding to the shops, which include a major supermarket, there are services such as a travel agency, hairdresser, car wash, atm machines, and an information desk.

Hilltown karşiyaka

Hilltown AVM is a large, modern shopping center with nice architecture that offers a variety of stores, restaurants, and entertainment options. It is home to a mix of international and local brands and is a popular destination for shopping and leisure. The mall is easily accessible by car, as well as by public transportation such as bus and Tramway.


Mavibahçe is one the famous malls in Karşiyaka and it is known for the garden in the middle which has a stage for nightlife music. It has a huge selection of shops and products to choose from. Most well-known brands are available here, especially Turkish brands like Koton, LC Waikiki, Mavi and etc. There are restaurants and cafes with options to eat inside or outside, with areas reserved for smokers and a playground for kids well diversified near the area of the food court.

In addition:

There are also several other options that serve the same services such as; Point Bornova, Izmirpark, Izmir Agora mall, and Konak Pier. You can search for these markets just by searching them on Google Maps and you can find your way with your car or using a Taxi. Also, there are several options for public transport you can use to get there.


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