Best Beach Clubs in Bodrum and Turkey

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best beach clubs in turkey

you can find best beach clubs

Best Beach Clubs in Bodrum and Best Beach Clubs Turkey

Turkey, straddling the continents of Asia and Europe, boasts some of the world’s most pristine and enchanting beaches. Along with these beaches, come beach clubs that redefine relaxation and entertainment.

Turkey has a bustling tourism season all year round. Especially during the summer season, due to its possession of some of the world’s most renowned beaches, it sees a massive influx of tourists. The most famous beaches known worldwide in Turkey include Cesme, Bodrum, Kusadasi, Kemer, and Belek. For information on the best beach clubs in Bodrum, the best beach club in Antalya, or the best beach club in Cesme, you’ll find all the details here. We have listed the top 10 beach clubs in Turkey that you’ll want to visit during your fabulous vacation in the country:

1. Maca Kizi Beach: Bodrum

best beach club in bodrum 2023

best beach club in bodrum

Maca Kizi Beach is one of Turkey’s top beach clubs, boasting delicious homemade satsuma lemonade, famous DJs, and a spectacular shoreline. In our opinion, it’s the best. It has clinched the top spot on both the “Best Beach Clubs in Bodrum” and the “Best Beach Clubs in Turkey” lists. Known for being on the pricier side, we should also mention that the Mediterranean dishes here are outstanding. It’s a beach club that all tourists looking for quality time can visit.

2. Sole Mare Beach Club: Çeşme



In second place, we have a beach club located in Cesme, one of the world-renowned coastal cities, and situated in Cesme’s most famous bay: Sole Mare. Located in the Aya Yorgi bay, this beach experiences a rush not only of tourists every summer but also of famous actors and celebrities. With its pristine beach, wonderful cocktails, and fun happy hour events, our second-best beach club choice is Sole Mare. If you’d like to own a beautiful villa near Sole Mare Beach Club, you can check out our villas from here immediately or contact us.

3. The Beach Of Momo: Çeşme



Relatively newer compared to other beach clubs on this list, this club isn’t located in Aya Yorgi but rather in Alacati, one of the most renowned areas of Cesme. Setting itself apart from other beach clubs by offering amenities like spa/wellness, Momo is among the best beach clubs in Cesme. The Beach Of Momo presents a unique and enjoyable experience with its party areas, cocktail spots, and SPA services. We highly recommend it.

4. Flamm Beach: Bodrum



Flamm Beach boasts a 200-meter shoreline. Situated in Bodrum, one of the most preferred holiday destinations in Turkey, Flamm Beach is not just a daytime beach club. Night events are also held here. With its crystal clear waters, you won’t want to get out of the sea. For options on villas located near Flamm Beach in Bodrum, you can click here. Own a villa near this world-famous beach club and enjoy the privilege of a seaside holiday every year.

5. Kuum Beach Club: Bodrum



Wouldn’t you like to crown a magnificent sunset view with a special cocktail from Kuum Beach Club? Ranking 5th on the list of Bodrum’s best beach clubs in 2023, Kuum Beach Club is the go-to spot for those seeking nightlife entertainment and morning serenity. Known for its clean waters, Kuum Beach Club ensures you have a great time with its tourist and celebrity visitors.

6. Fly-inn Beach Club: Çeşme



Taking the 6th spot on our list of Turkey’s best beach clubs in 2023, Fly-Inn Beach Club is ranked 3rd on our list of the best beach clubs in Cesme for 2023. Located on the Altinkum beach, this beach club captivates with its photo spots, fun atmosphere, and beautiful beach. With prices just slightly above the Cesme average, it’s among the beach clubs where you can spend a delightful time.

7. Boheme Beach Club: Çeşme



As the name suggests, with its bohemian and ethnic-themed concept, Boheme Beach Club opens the doors to a different world for you. A beach club where you can have a lot of fun and spend quality time with its new generation cocktail and beach club concept, it takes the 7th spot on our list of the most beautiful beach clubs in Turkey.

8. Xuma Beach Yalikavak: Bodrum



One of the most famous beach clubs in Bodrum, Xuma Beach is particularly known for its fruity drinks and cocktails. The beach, which hosts famous DJs, encourages its patrons to dance the night away. If you’re passing through one of Bodrum’s most beautiful locations, Yalikavak, don’t miss it. Or, if you don’t want to leave Yalikavak, we can instantly recommend some of our amazing villas there: Just click here to check out the villas.

9. Bodrum Edition: Bodrum



With a chic and elegant beach, Bodrum Edition is one of the aesthetically pleasing and well-decorated beach clubs. Located in Bodrum, this beach club offers a variety of flavors, both local and international. It’s one of the most beautiful beach clubs to choose from in Bodrum.

10. Before Sunset Beach Club: Çeşme



Before Sunset Beach Club is one of the long-established and well-known beach clubs in Cesme. It’s possible to bump into a famous actor here every day. It’s worth noting that the prices are a bit above average. It’s situated in Ovacik, one of Cesme’s beautiful bays.

You can view these magnificent beaches on our Instagram account by clicking here. We’ve listed 10 beach clubs that we recommend for our two world-famous holiday towns in Turkey, Cesme and Bodrum. If you wish to live in these two natural wonders with spectacular beaches, or if you’re considering buying a summer house, we invite you to this perfect life. If you wish to own a property in the increasingly valued Cesme and Izmir, reach out to us immediately, and let’s evaluate the most suitable home investments for you together.


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