Alanya, Where the Sun Smiles

Alanya is known as one of the best cities in Turkey for many reasons, A wonderful strategic location with amazing weather, extraordinary quality of life and countless opportunities for a beatiful life.

Extraordinary Quality Of life

A super safe place

A beautiful, calm and safe city to spend your time.

Amazing weather and nature

Sandy beaches to enjoy the Mediterranean climate.

Beautiful vacation spot

Sandy beaches all around the city with many luxury resorts and hotels.

High growth investment

Alanya has seen an exponential growth in the last few years.

How we will make sure that you are on the right path.

Find your dream home

Our experienced agents will help you find your dream home or your next big investment.

Legal Process

Our experienced attorneys will gather the documents needed and make sure the legal process goes smoothly.

Citizenship or residence permit

We will make sure that you receive the proper residence permit and citizenship in accordance to your purchase.


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    Anyone who has been to Alanya even for once will tell you that this is a different city. The people of Izmir are exemplary and the nature is out of this world. Watch this video if you want to see the beautiful city of Alanya.

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