Bornova Luxury residential complex is one of the best and most modern residential complexes in the Bornova area of Izmir. This magnificent complex contains eight separate blocks under construction. Izmir’s largest construction company in the Bornova area is responsible for completing the construction. Therefore, they kept high standards for all the needs of the residents and fulfilled them at a high level. The four-season flowering of this residential complex has transformed the green area into a unique one.
Above all, Bornova Luxury residential provides multiple playgrounds, a walking path, working room and a library. Moreover, this complex have an outdoor and indoor swimming pool, a sauna and many other facilities. On the other hand, you can double benefit from excellent city access and the proximity to public transport stations with living in this residential complex.


The units from the developer have been sold-out but there are few units available from individual owners.

Available units:

  • Studio (0+1): Starting from 110,000 $
  • One bedroom (1+1): Starting from 140,000 $
  • Two bedrooms (2+1): Starting from 233,000 $
  • Three bedrooms (3+1): Starting from 346,000 $