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What do you know about Izmir? is it great for living, business,

Immigration and living in Izmir

All you should know about Izmir

Do you know about different aspects of life in Izmir? It is a lively city with rich history and culture Mediterranean climate and lush nature besides being modern and advanced and having many sights and attractions.

Do you know about immigration to Turkey? What are ways to acquire residence permit in Turkey? the city of Izmir provides great conditions for whom want to immigrate to Turkey.

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investment, Business and industry in Izmir

Do you know about investment plans in Izmir? Turkey government have legislated some incentive plans for foreign investors. We come for your aid.

Turkey has had considerable economic growth in recent years. Investment safety along with lucrative return is provided in Izmir. The city of Izmir has always been one of the major centers of foreign investment, exports and transportation of Turkey.